Foshan builds Big Data Industrial Park and Hydrogen Vehicle Manufacturing Base in Nanhai

send date:2017-11-14 16:12

Foshan Nanhai will join hands with Alibaba and Tencent to promote the innovative application of big data and industrial Internet. Foshan promoting Chinese fuel cell car commercialized development project by Ministry of Science and Technology/ United Nations Development Programme will be launched, which plans to introduce new energy vehicle projects over 10 billion yuan.

Nanhai is awarded Guangdong Big Data Industrial Park

The Nanhai Big Data and Industrial Internet Innovative Application Work Conference was held in the morning of September 5. At the conference, the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province (EICGD) awarded Nanhai District Guangdong Big Data Industrial Park. Meanwhile, Nanhai District signed agreement with multiple government departments and companies such as EICGD, CAICT, Tencent, Alicloud, Alipay, etc. to introduce projects in fields of big data industry and smart city.

Meanwhile, the Guangdong Government Affairs Data Innovation Competition of 2017 Guangdong Big Data Developer Conference and the construction of Guangdong Industrial Internet Innovative Demonstration Base were launched at the scene.

In order to attract more big data industry, Nanhai also released a brand new industry carrier, Nanhai Bid Data Industrial Park.

Hydrogen Vehicle Manufacturing Base to be launched

Another new industry to be launched in Nanhai on September 7 is hydrogen vehicle industry. Nanhai plans to build a Guangdong New Energy Car Core Component Industry Base covering an area of over 500 hectares in Danzao Town.



The base will develop core components of new energy cars, especially hydrogen cell cars. Besides, it will introduce lots of research and manufacturing enterprises to develop more than  10 core components of hydrogen cell cars.

Guangshun New Energy Technology Building will be the incubator of new energy car enterprises.   

In May this year, the first hydrogen refueling station constructed and run by market capital in China, Ruihui Hydrogen Refueling Station in Danzao Town was finished, which can provide a series of supporting facilities for the base.

Reward enterprises in two new industries

Last Friday (September 1), Nanhai released a series of industry supporting policies, most of which specially aim at big data and new energy industries.

According to Supporting Measures for Information Industry, by 2021, the scale of Nanhai semiconductor chip and big data industry is supposed to reach 50 billion yuan ($7.65 bn), becoming one of the main pillar industries in Nanhai. Enterprises renting offices in Nanhai Bid Data Industrial Park and devote to the design, manufacturing and beta test of semiconductor chip or big data industry services will be granted full rental subsidy in the first two years and 50% subsidy in the next three years. 

Supporting Measure for New Energy Industry mainly focuses on enterprises that settle in Guangdong New Energy Car Core Component Industry Base. Rewards will be given in investment, financial contribution, rent, headquarter settlement, special projects, etc.