Preview of the 23rd Asia-Start International Furniture Materials Expo.

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The 23rd Asia-Start International Furniture Materials Expo.(AIFME) will be held in Longjiang, Shunde on March 17th. Depending on the furniture industrial cluster advantage in Longjiang, the expo has improved its brand influence and scale in more than a decade, which promotes upgrading of furniture industry and transformation of economy. Meanwhile, the first purchasing fair between furniture and materials factories is a new breakthrough of exploring “Internet+ furniture & materials” in Longjiang, showing its determination to develop furniture industry.

Promote the influence of Longjiang furniture

In less than half a month, the 23rd AIFME will have a grand opening in Longjiang. So far the preparatory work of this expo has been drawing to a close. Thousands of furniture material enterprises have signed up for the expo and tens of thousands of people working in furniture industry have been invited to visit the expo.


Starting in 2006, AIFME is held twice every year. The exhibition team has accumulated rich experience and lots of customer resources. With more than 10,000 suppliers, 200,000 professional buyers and an exhibition scale over 400,000 square meters, it is one of the largest-scale exhibitions with a theme of furniture materials in China so far. The exhibition areas are divided into many diversified whole industrial chain modules, including new materials, furniture clad materials, furniture hardware and accessories, office furniture and accessories, furniture base materials, furniture exclusive chemical materials, furniture filling and packaging materials, furniture industrial automatic production equipment, furniture e-commerce, etc.


With years of experience, the expo has grown from a regional exhibition into an exhibition of global famous brands. The brand influence of furniture in Longjiang has been improved greatly. So far, the number of exhibitors and purchasers is increasing at an annual rate of 5% and the number of visitors is growing at an annual rate of 8%.


Focus on the upgrading and transformation of furniture enterprises

On the road of developing furniture industry in Longjiang, Chinese Furniture and Material O2O Industrial Park proposed a three-year plan. In 2016 brand year, 2017 service year and 2018 transaction year, build a furniture industrial ecosphere. Lead, assist and support furniture enterprises to achieve the transformation of Internet, driving enterprises to transform and upgrade successfully. Because of this, 2017 Furniture and Materials Ecological Service Year Conference will be held in AIFME on March 17th. Government leaders, elites of furniture industry and thousands of furniture enterprises will gather in Longjiang to attend AIFME.


Lead the headquarter economy of furniture industry back to Longjiang

The development of exhibition economy has become an important part of the development of furniture industry in Longjiang. In order to develop exhibition economy in Longjiang, Chinese Furniture and Material O2O Industrial Park will build Chinese furniture and material transaction headquarters, among which Chinese furniture and material convention center is an important core. The final goal is to lead the headquarter economy of furniture industry back to Longjiang, making Longjiang the largest exhibition hub of furniture industry in China and a new center of furniture industry.


Written by Arrietty