Nanhai launches "Global Maker New Metropolis" project

send date:2017-03-07 17:37

With a theme of "New space, New energy, New economy", a promotion conference on "Global Maker New Metropolis" Project and Nanhai's major urban renewal projects in 2017 is held today in Nanhai District and over a thousand guests arrive at the scene.


Defining itself as the core area of Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan circle and the core area of national manufacturing innovation center, Nanhai launches "Global Maker New Metropolis" Project to make itself more involved in the global resource allocation.


Global Maker New Metropolis, China ( Guangdong ) Robot Integrated Innovation Center and Global Product Trans-boundary Innovation Center are acclaimed as the three major engines that lead Nanhai's innovation and development. The constructions of two centers began last year and the launch of Global Maker New Metropolis project today marks the overall constructions of three major engines, which are expected to push Nanhai's development to a higher level.


Over 10 projects to be carried out in Nanhai


In a new wave of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", a batch of pilot projects are launched in Nanhai. Today Guangdong provincial demonstrative base of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is established in Nanhai. This base is one among the first batch of 16 provincial demonstrative base of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".


The unveiling ceremonies of seven indigenous institutions , including one national incubator and six national maker spaces, are also held today in Nanhai. These institutions are expected to allure talents from across the world to work and invest in Nanhai.

Four major projects, including Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Center, Poly Energy-gathering Maker Community, Times Global Makers Town and South China Singapore City Global Maker Training Base, make their first appearances today in Nanhai. Moreover, Nanhai government will cooperate with Oracle group, Mapletree Investments, Wisers Information Limited, Zhejiang University and Sun Yat-sen University to jointly carry out 4 major industrial carrier projects, 3 major industry-university-research cooperation projects and 2 major financial service projects.


The establishment of International Innovation Alliance of Pearl River Delta Bay Area will attract global makers who bring sophisticated technologies to Nanhai and promote the development of local companies. This alliance is co-founded by Eagle Academy and many venture capital institutions, maker organizations, service institutions and industry associations. A famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the founder&CEO of Founder Space, Steven S.Hoffman, is invited to work as the chief advisor for this alliance. Today Hoffman leads three maker teams from US, Israel and Korea to seek cooperation opportunities in Nanhai.


Build Global Maker New Metropolis in several years


What's the highlight of Global Maker New Metropolis project? During the promotion conference this morning, Li Xun, the dean of Urbanization Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, delivers a speech on how Nanhai District builds Global Maker New Metropolis.


This project consists of one area, one core and one zone. One area means one new metropolis construction starting area covering Qiandeng Lake Maker Community, South China Singapore City, East line of Foshan First Ring Expressway Industrial Belt, Sanshan Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Maker Base and Global Makers Town, with a total area of about 7km². One core means one new metropolis construction core area, composed of Guangdong Financial Hitech Zone, Sanshan New City, Dali's core area of Li-Gui New City, core area of Experimental Cooperation Zone (Guangdong Park) of Guangdong-Guangxi-Guizhou High-speed Railway Economic Belt, Scientific and Technological Innovation Cluster of Shishan University Town, Tingyin Lake area in Xiqiao Mountain and Lihu New City, covering a total area of 93km². One belt means "one horizontal, three vertical" metropolitan zone, alluring programs, talents, technologies and capitals to gather around the crossovers in this zone.

Nanhai plans to complete the construction of the five major plates in the new metropolis construction starting area in 2017, complete the construction of the main body of seven clusters in the one new metropolis construction core area as well as towns with characteristics in 2018, and complete the construction of the major projects in  "one horizontal, three vertical" metropolitan zone in 2020. By the time of 2020, Nanhai will have become an international makers' hub with global influence.


New metropolis to boost economic growth


Government of Nanhai District emphasizes that the project of Global Maker New Metropolis will promote the city upgrading and the study of supporting policies.


Nanhai District Urban Construction and Water Conservancy Bureau is appointed to lead the construction of Global Maker New Metropolis, jointly cooperating with over 20 departments in Nanhai District. The project schedule has been made and 31 programs are expected to begin or complete this year, with a total investment of 30.9bn RMB(4.5bn USD) and a wide range covering greening, transportation, talent apartments, incubators and industrial carriers. Nanhai also sets up a program database of Global Maker New Metropolis and town-level governments will work with district government to propel 147 programs in the database.


Some programs receive record-breaking investments. For instance, the Global Makers Town is invested over 50bn RMB(7.28bn USD) and the South China Singapore City is invested 20bn RMB(2.9bn USD).


Major urban renewal projects in 2017


Today Nanhai unveils major urban renewal projects in 2017. 178 urban renewal projects, 32 industrial carrier projects and 11 beautiful countryside projects are seeking investment. The total area of major urban renewal projects this year is up to 3333.3 hectares.


178 urban renewal projects cover industrial projects, housing projects and commercial service projects, expecting a total investment of 170bn RMB(24.7bn USD).


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