Let us (lettuce) party!

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On February 22, 2017, the annual lettuce party was held in Guanyao, Shishan, Foshan. More than 4,000 people gathered together to enjoy lettuce packages sitting around over 400 tables. Some foreign friends also took part in this traditional event, having a taste of delicious lettuce packages and wonderful Foshan culture.

“We like it!” Participants raised their thumbs at the feast.


Lettuce packages have a Chinese meaning of “包生”, which refers to having many kids and a happy family. It is a tasty traditional food with a wish of good luck and fortune. There are certain procedures in eating lettuce packages. After washing the lettuce, put some rice and dishes in it, add some sauces, wrap it into a package, and then have a bite of it. Succulent stir-fried dishes covered by sweet and crunchy lettuce make a special flavor that is very tempting. And all of the dishes have good meanings in Chinese. For example, Chinese pickles fried with clam means having a lot of children and bean vermicelli fried with small shrimps means living a long life.

Some rice and dishes were wrapped in lettuces to add special flavor.


Besides the lettuce party, a show of dragon and lion dance was also performed in the Guanyao cultural square. And there was an opening ceremony of the Huang Shaoqiao Arts Museum, giving an exhibition of many paintings and calligraphies of the famous mater Huang Shaoqiao. During the lettuce party, people could donate to charities that helped the disabled.

Dan couldn’t wait to have a bite of the food.


Dan comes from America and has been to Foshan for several times. When doing business with Foshan enterprises, he thought that Foshan enterprises were credible and "made in Foshan" was of high quality. He would continue to cooperate with Foshan entrepreneurs. Invited to lettuce party for the first time by business partners, Dan was impressed by the hospitality of Foshan people and the grand scene. He hoped that the website of Foshan China can provide more information about enterprise consultation and Foshan culture so that he can know more about Foshan culture while getting useful business information.


Facing such a feast of lettuces, everyone was indulged in enjoying the food and the show. Let’s have a look at the pictures!

A foreigner enjoyed the lettuce party with his friend.

Trays of dishes were served to the party.

Except for lettuces, there were many other kinds of delicious food.

People were excited to taste the food.

 A little boy was curious about the taste of lettuce packages.

People were holding cups and cheering.

It is a pot of succulent stir-fried dishes. Are you hungry?

A full view of the lettuce party

Delicate papercuts for charitable sales

A calligraphy master was writing in Huang Shaoqiang Arts Museum.


Written by Arrietty