One listed enterprise added in Nanhai Foshan

send date:2017-02-04 13:08

On 23nd Jan., Guangdong Xiongsu Technology Group Co., LTD entered into the market at Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, becoming the 14th listed enterprise in Nanhai District. Nanhai District committee Liu Mingen attended the listing ceremony and rang the opening bell together with the enterprises representatives; Deputy head of the district Qiao Jifei attended the opening ceremony and made a speech.


As a benchmarking modern enterprise in new plastic and material building industry, Guangdong Xiongsu Technology Group Co., LTD possesses more than 100 product patents, with its main products including pipe fittings of water supply and drainage for construction usage, plastic pipe fittings for underground communication, heating pipe etc., all of these series can reach an amount of more than 6000 varieties. They are widely used in affordable housing construction, rural drinking water safety projects, sewage treating project and communication network etc.


As a base of national advanced manufacturing industry and an important manufacturing center in Guangdong, Nanhai has been devoted in building some equipment manufacturing leading enterprises on the west bank of Pearl River in recent years, supporting enterprises to fulfill a leapdevelopment based on the capital market, hence to build up a brand in Nanhai industry. Up till now, there are totally 47 listed and enterprises that are listed on the new 3 board in Nanhai, and also 108 listed back-up companies were built up, among which key back-up companies reach 30.


Relevant person who is in charge of public office in Nanhai district said, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the impetus that the capital market posed on the enterprises development. For the enterprises that entered into the market successfully, they will be given corresponding reward according to relevant supporting policy.


Apart from policy and funding support, Nanhai district also encourages enterprises to enter into the market by several means to create an atmosphere. By the end of 2016, there are 158 private venture capital projects in Guangdong Finance High-tech service area, and the raised fund reaches 30.8 billion yuan.